We know. Every company says their internships aren't “coffee and copies” jobs, but at CUNA Mutual Group, we mean it.

Our paid internships are designed to get you the skills and experience you'll need as a permanent employee. Take Eric, our VP of Strategy. He started off as an intern. So did Jess, our Senior Media Strategist. Oh, and Rachel, who manages this page. The list goes on and on...

With us, you’ll gain hands-on experience, learn new skills and build your social and professional network. We’ll set you up with a manager, mentor and guide, and introduce you to senior leaders across the organization. Plus, you may receive support for accommodation, and free parking or bus pass reimbursements.

Qualifications: If you’re enrolled and working toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you’re eligible to apply. Internships typically begin in June and end in August.